A report in the Hindustan Times titled “Swanky buildings and labs: 900 kids choose Delhi’s govt school over private ones” highlights the tremendous success of the AAP government’s Delhi Education Revolution in delivering what was promised before the 2015 elections. The report says that of 1200 children enrolled at the Sarvodaya government school in Rohini, 900 have left private schools to join this government school.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, expressing his happiness that the government was already beginning to deliver on promises meant to be fulfilled over the course of the full five year term.

Why would parents take such a decision of shifting children from a private school to a government school? What has resulted in a renewed confidence among parents in Delhi’s government schools? One of the reasons for this change is a significant upgrade of school infrastructure. Newly built government schools resemble any of the world class private school institutions in India, and in existing schools, renovated and newly constructed classrooms have begun to enhance the environment in which children learn. Special attention is given to cleanliness and sanitation, and for the purpose of maintenance and upkeep of the school building, an estate manager has been appointed in all schools.

Many might find it difficult to believe that a government has been able to pull off a transformation of this scale within two years of coming to power. But these pictures from one of the newly renovated schools of Delhi will convince even skeptics of the magnitude of this change:

APJ Abdul Kalam mural


Smart classroom

Elegant, comfortable desks


Drinking water dispenser

Chemistry lab

Computer lab

Children playing during their recess

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