Press Note, Date 16th September 2017

The ridiculous statement of union Tourism Minister Mr KJ Alphons justifying the fuel price hike is the first categorical confession by the Narendra Modi government that it is behind the consistent hike in petrol and diesel prices since last three years.

Mr Alphons statement leaves no doubt whatsoever that the consistent hike in fuel prices is a deliberate move by the Modi government, which is breaking the back of the common man due to the cascading effect fuel price hike has on essential commodities.

One after the other, the real anti-people agenda of the Modi government is now being systematically exposed in front of the country, particularly the failures on the economic front of this government have made life hell for the common man.

Modi government needs to explain why it kept on misleading the country for three years by its statements that petroleum prices have been deregulated and it has nothing to do with the pricing, which is now being determined by the oil companies.

Contradictory and false statements by various union ministers on petrol and diesel prices since Modi government came to power, show that it was neither honest in linking these with the crude oil prices in international market nor is it speaking the truth on taxes on petroleum products now.

The Aam Aadmi Party demands that the Modi government should immediately roll back the completely unjustified hike in the prices of petrol and diesel.

Modi government should also make it clear whether it considers scooter owners as rich people who will be forced to pay more taxes.

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