AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh and AAP National Executive Member Ashutosh addressed the media in Mumbai today. They were accompanied by Brigadier Sudhir Sawant and Preeti Sharma Menon.

Mr. Sanjay Singh raised some important matters:

1. Justice Loya’s death under mysterious circumstances and events that have followed thereafter have shocked the nation. There is evidence stating that he was offered bribe in the Sohrabuddin case which goes all the way back to BJP president Amit Shah. A former district judge who Justice Loya is known to have confided in and another senior lawyer who knew of this also died under mysterious circumstances. Media report says he died of a heart attack and the ECG wasn’t working at the hospital that night. Post mortem was also carried out without family ‘s consent. It is shocking and we can not afford to be silent on such a big issue!

It raises the biggest question that if a Judge is not safe then how can any one expect to be safe in this country. It is for these reasons that four Supreme Court judges were forced to come out and say that our democracy is in danger!

2. The BJP government has refused to diclose details of Rafale deal station citing nation-nation secrecy pact. In 2012, UPA government set the deal at 500 cr per jet including technology transfer which would ensure that the technology could be recreated in HAL. However, Modi government has bought 36 jets at an astronomical price of 59,000 crore! Not just this, the deal has been given to Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defence which has no prior experience and has exsited for hardly any time.

This is a massive scam in the defence ministry and will take the Modi government down- Sanjay Singh, AAP Senior Leader & Rajyasabha MP

PM Modi has deceived everyone including the youth, traders, farmers and has lied on every possible front. ”

Mr. Ashutosh spoke on the occasion of AAP’s completion of three years in Delhi Government.

“AAP is the first government since he independence to make education and healthcare as the main focus. 24% of the budget has been allocated for education and has shown great results. Not only is there a massive improvement in infrastructure but it can be seen even in the syllabus and teachers. The teachers have been trained at reputable institutions like IIM Ahmedabad, Oxford, Cambridge, Singapore University amongst others.

Our Mohalla Clinic models have greatly changed the face of healthcare in Delhi making it more accessible, affordable and responsible.
Electricity prices have remained the lowest in Delhi. There is free water till 20,000 ltrs per month.

We can proudly say that not a single rupee of the citizen’s money has been misspent.” : Ashutosh, AAP Senior Leader & National Spokesperson

Brigadier Sawant said:
“After witnessing Delhi administration closely for nearly 6 months, I was vey impressed and resolved to bring this model of governance to Maharashtra and thus joined AAP on 12th January, 2018.
We will strive to bring this pro people party to power in Maharashtra.”

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