New Delhi: 28/12/2018

Historic restructuring of SCERT & DIETs in Delhi by Dy CM Manish Sisodia

The Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia held a felicitation ceremony on the occasion of restructuring of SCERT & DIETs of Delhi at his residence on Wednesday afternoon. Recognising the primacy of building strong academic and institutional foundation for the series of reform initiatives in education being introduced by the Delhi government, the government has restructured and strengthened the SCERT and DIETs.

The restructuring involves upgrading the structure of SCERT from a mere 509 posts to 1295 posts & reinventing the pay scale & designations across the organization at par with NCERT, according to UGC guidelines. Delhi government has substantially increased the number of academic faculty positions at SCERT and DIETs from around 240 currently to over 600 to enable these institutions to better serve their objectives. It is noteworthy that Delhi is the only state which has uplifted the pay scales of both SCERT & DIETs at par with NCERT as per UGC guidelines. Sikkim has done it, but only for SCERT, not for DIETs. Haryana had brought out the orders, but due to unknown reasons, withdrew them.

Speaking at the occasion, the Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister Manish Sisodia said, “Delhi is the first place in the world that introduced the concept of estate managers in govt schools, to ensure that the principal can focus on academics & there is someone to take care of the maintenance of the premises. Similarly, today we add ‘program coordinators’ in SCERT & DIETs so that educators can focus on the content of trainings & its deliverance instead of food & logistics in big trainings. I am a dreamer & I have a few dreams for my country, and I think those dreams can only be realized through education. And so if my team education dreams of restructuring SCERT towards the larger aim of delivering quality education to the masses, then it is my dream too. Let’s take SCERT to unprecedented heights, and inspire other states to learn from us.”

Addressing the gathering, member, RTE Advisory council Atishi said, “There are reforms which are more visible, like classrooms, buildings, but the real change in education happens through the teachers in the classrooms, and you all being teacher trainers, lay the core foundation for true reforms.”

Also present at the occasion were, Secretary Education, Sh. Sandeep Kumar, Director of SCERT, Smt. Sunita Kaushik, advisor Sh. Jasmine Shah and former Secretary of Education, Smt. Punya Salila Srivastava, who was specially invited by Deputy Chief Minister as she was an important lead in his team when this policy was drafted.

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