• BJP-led MCD running large scale bribery racket under the Garb of illegal construction
  • AAP filed PIL in the matter in the Delhi High Court
  • AAP demands straightforward policy for construction

The reality of construction in Delhi is that it has become impossible to build homes or any building without paying hefty bribes to the BJP-run Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD).

Under the garb of taking action against illegal, unauthorised construction, the MCD encourages large-scale corruption. Leaders of the BJP have created a parallel economy of graft through the MCDs, looting the hard earned money of Delhi’s residents.

Evidence of wrong-doing has come to light after the Leader of Opposition in South MCD, AAP Councillor Ramesh Matiala asked several questions to the SDMC Commissioner about the number of unauthorised constructions identified, sealed and demolished in the last three years. The response has revealed that there is a huge gap between the number of properties identified and the number of properties sealed or demolished.

While addressing a press conference on this issue, senior leader and National Spokesperson of the AAP, Dilip Pandey said, “The story of the BJP’s corruption lies in these numbers. What happened to all those properties which had been identified as unauthorised, but did not face any action from the MCD? MCD officials, backed by the BJP, engage in underhand dealings with owners of those properties and make them cough up bribes in return for ‘go ahead’ for their construction. From top to bottom, the BJP leadership in Delhi is filling up their pockets in this manner.”

AAP MLA Jarnail Singh said, “The Aam Aadmi Party had filed a PIL in this matter, which was heard by the Delhi High Court yesterday. The court has rapped the MCD and assured us that it will pursue this matter to its logical conclusion.”

The AAP has demanded that the MCDs should introduce a policy that will prevent such brazen loot of public money under the name of illegal construction. If the MCD provides a way in which unauthorised construction can be regularised, the people will be able to undertake construction honestly and also end the mass scale bribery.

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