arendra Modi using cheap language to divert attention from his failures
AAP Rajya Sabha leader Sanjay Singh issued the following statement on Thursday, 28th March :
Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi today officially launched his election campaign for the Lok Sabha elections in his trademark style of lampooning the opposition and painting them as anti-national, pro-Pakistanis and portraying himself as the biggest patriot.
Mr Modi tried hard to project that only BJP is patriotic and his jibe of Saboot (Evidence) Vs Sapoot (Competent sons of the soil) was solely aimed at his political opponents.
We want to tell Mr Modi that India needs real sapoots – India needs sapoots who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the country.
But Mr Modi should tell the country what kind of a sapoot is he ? It is Mr Modi’s BJP which spread a culture of hatred across the country, it is his party which destroyed communal harmony across the country.
So far as patriotism is concerned, who is Mr Modi to question us ? He has so far not told the countrymen what prompted him to go uninvited to Lahore to cut the birthday cake of the then Pakistan Prime Minister Mr Nawaz Sharif.
Look at the track record of Mr Modi’s government and the BJP – they formed a government in alliance with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, which demanded martyr status to parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.
Mr Modi’s government invited Pakistan’s pro-terror organization ISI to Pathankot for a joint probe into the Pathankot attack. What is Mr Modi talking about ? What kind of a sapoot is he ?
Will Mr Modi release figures how many jawans have we lost in his five year tenure due to Pakistan’s misadventures from across the border ?
We would like to remind Mr Modi that Doklam happened in his tenure and his Prime Ministership will be remembered for maximum foreign policy failures.
We are amazed at Mr Modi calling himself a sapoot and not having courage to speak on the Rafale fighter jets multi-crore mega scam.
Why does he not tell the country that why his government decided to buy a fighter jet of Rs 526 crore at three the cost of Rs 1670 crore ? Why he does not tell the country the reason for favouring a 10-day old company of his industrialist friend Anil Ambani at the cost of tried, tested public Sector HAL ?
*He is claiming to be a sapoot whereas he is clearly a kapoot !*
Mr Modi and BJP can no longer fool the country. They are weak in history but we are not. They need to be reminded that lessons patriotism do not sound nice from their mouths since their ideological godfather the RSS had betrayed the country in the freedom struggle and had supported the Britishers during the 1942 Quit India Movement led by the Father of the Nation. Will they teach us patriotism ?
Mr Narendra Modi has nothing to tell the country in this election campaign about his government’s achievements and is therefore lowering the political discourse in this campaign.
Does it behove the Prime Minister of this country to use unparliamentary language against his political rivals ?
Look at the words he has used for the SP, BSP and RLD. Mr Modi has forgotten that his party has aligned with all sorts of outfits in a desperate bid to capture power in Tripura. I have already mentioned BJP alliance with the PDP.
Your alliances are holy and opposition alliances are unholy, this is desperation of Mr Modi since he knows that the BJP is going to get routed in Uttar Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections.
Mr Modi did not speak a word on the miseries inflicted by him on Indians during last five years – whether it be the Demonetisation scam or the GST fiasco.
He did not have the courage to tell the countrymen what happened to his promise of Rs 15 lakh for every Indian ? What happened to two crore jobs for youth ? What happened to women safety ?
He is now mocking the educated youth by telling them to sell pakoras. Youth will sell pakoras and Mr Modi will keep roaming on foreign visits ?
Mr Modi is afraid of speaking on issues concerning the people of India because there is no section of society which his government has not harmed during the last five years.
It is now time for all those forces who want to safeguard the Constitution of India and its basic features including federalism to come together and throw out this dictatorial regime which promoted hatred and enmity among communities.

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