After a spectacular success in its maiden year, the Kejriwal government’s Business Blasters program witnessed an impressive performance from students yet again in its second year as well. Under this student entrepreneurship program, 100 top startups have been selected from among 2 lakh children in the second year, after several rounds. On Friday, Education Minister Ms. Atishi met with some of the selected teams for the expo to know about their business ideas.

During the interaction with young entrepreneurs, the Education Minister Ms. Atishi said, “The Business Blasters program has proven that there is no dearth of talent in Delhi government school students; they just need opportunities to showcase their talent. The Business Blasters program is an example that if changes are brought to India’s education system, like in Delhi, the country could become number one in the world. Through their remarkable business models and entrepreneurial skills, our children have shown that the future of the nation is in secure and capable hands.”

The Education Minister applauded the efforts of all the students participating in Business Blasters and said, “The program has received an overwhelming response for the second year as well. It has been designed to encourage our students from Delhi’s schools to become successful entrepreneurs. It prepares them to handle everyday challenges and risks in a better way.”

She emphasized that the Business Blasters program demonstrates that our school-going children only need opportunities to showcase their immense talent. The program has helped them realize their potential and provided them with a chance to progress in the future. She stated that the current education system confines children, but Business Blasters has helped them realize their potential and offers them a positive change. With the hard work of these students, India can undoubtedly become the number one country in the world.

Ms. Atishi expressed immense pride in the fact that the vision initiated by Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal and the architect of Delhi’s Educational Revolution, Shri Manish Sisodia, has been fulfilled. “Today, our school children, through their hard work, are not only generating high revenues for themselves but are also providing employment to the needy. Very soon these children will also eliminate the problem of unemployment in the country,” she said.

Outstanding ideas of Delhi Government Schools’ Business Blasters

-> QR-Code-based attendance system This innovative system has been created by students of R.P.V.V. Surajmal Vihar which will make the work of schools and teachers easier. The team, TranQR, has developed a QR-based mono-gram that will serve as a virtual ID card for students. It will contain relevant information related to students. When a student will enter the school, a scanning device, similar to a FastTag, will record their attendance, and when they will leave the school premises, the QR code will be scanned again to mark their exit. This will not only save the time of teachers but also replace manual registers with automatic data recording. Team leader Tushar mentioned that they have registered their business with MSME and are working on further development in collaboration with a renowned scanner company in the country.

Young Entrepreneurs from Delhi government schools are garnering orders worth lakhs for their ideas of smart road surface lights and illuminated zebra-crossing

Team Rainbow from Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Anandvas, focuses on ensuring safe road crossings for all individuals, with a particular emphasis on visually impaired individuals and children. They work on developing an Illuminated Zebra crossing system to make road crossings easier and safer. These illuminated zebra crossings are typically installed on roads and other pedestrian pathways. The team ensures that these crossings are affordable, solar-powered, and waterproof, making them suitable for various weather conditions.

Team Electric Bicycle Maker converting old bicycles into electric cycles

The team from GBSSS, Holambi Kalan is focused on converting discarded bicycles into electric cycles. Their idea aims to repurpose these bicycles, benefiting not only the environment but also individuals who are elderly or have disabilities, as the electric cycles eliminate the need for pedaling. Currently, the team has successfully converted three bicycles and has also made several conversions for their friends. They aspire to scale up their operations and sell these electric bicycles at a lower price compared to existing market options, making them accessible to older age groups and assisting them with mobility.

‘Healthy Chips’ an alternative for health freaks

The students studying in Class 12 at Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, East of Loni Road, have come up with a better alternative for chips available in the market. They have developed ‘Healthy Chips’ with spinach, carrots, and beetroot. So far, they have sold more than 800 packets of these chips and have also provided employment to around 8 people in the vicinity.

12th-grade students have started a logistics services company and are providing employment to 20 people

The team from Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Shakarpur, has started their logistics business called A.K. Logistics. They felt the need for this venture when one of their team members, Ashish, faced difficulties while trying to transport some goods using a truck booking service. Neither did he receive the goods nor any updates about the truck he had booked. This lack of transparency in the logistics industry inspired Ashish to start his own logistics business.

Their business provides customers with the convenience of real-time tracking of trucks. Additionally, when they rent trucks from other individuals/agencies, they thoroughly inspect the truck drivers and their assistants. Customers also receive comprehensive information about logistics on their mobile devices. The team has provided jobs to 20 people and is also collaborating with prominent courier companies through tie-ups.

“Herbs Magic” for affordable herbal beauty products

The team from Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Vijay Nagar, provides affordable skin and beauty products under the name Herbs Magic. The team of Herbs Magic discovered that many existing beauty products in the market contain harmful chemicals that can damage the skin. They were inspired by this business idea during their science class. Recognizing it as a business opportunity, the Herbs Magic team decided to start this venture with the aim of meeting the needs of all individuals by offering cost-effective and high-quality solutions for hair and skincare without compromising on quality.

The team “B-Bright” saves energy with self-charging speakers

The team “B-Bright” from RPVV Dwarka Sector-5 has developed a Bluetooth speaker that is self-charging. These speakers charge themselves by utilizing the electricity and waves generated within them. The team is receiving a large number of orders, and they are now seeking investors to further expand their business.

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