Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal inaugurated development work in the Bijwasan assembly constituency’s Mahipalpur Extension on Friday. The CM stated I will not allow work to stop in Delhi’s unauthorized colonies. In Mahipalpur, we have constructed 4 kms of roads and drains in 52 lanes at a cost of Rs. 8 crore. This will benefit 20,000 people. He mentioned that the Supreme Court had granted all powers to the elected Chief Minister through an order, but the central government took them away by enacting laws.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal asserted, I will do all the work for the people of Delhi within the powers I have, even if I have to hold someone’s feet for it. The Chief Minister also emphasized that he doesn’t take money personally, but instead, they save every penny to spend for the people, as opposed to the past when money was looted. He stated that they have entered politics not to win elections but to build the nation and serve the people.

At the inauguration ceremony Urban Development Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj and local MLA of Bijwasan Shri B S Joon was also present.

CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “First of all, I am not here today to seek votes. Politicians only show their faces once in five years only when elections are due and they have to seek votes. I am here to talk regarding the progress of your area. I am quite delighted that all the roads and streets of Mahipalpur Extension K2 Block are ready. You can imagine how meticulous we are in our work that despite being a CM I am aware of the fact that the streets of Mahipalpur are damaged. And I sanctioned money for their repair and we got it done as well. I also want to congratulate your MLA who pestered me to get the funds sanctioned and get your work done.”

Shri Arvind Kejriwal continued, “I am not a politician and I do not know how to do politics. I am an engineer. I only know how to get the work done, be it building roads, providing water supply, improving sewage and electricity, building schools or hospitals. I do not know petty politics. we have constructed 4 kms of roads and drains in 52 lanes at a cost of Rs. 8 crore. The roads will benefit almost 20,000 people. Ever since we came to power in Delhi, we have built 995 streets in the Bijwasan Assembly constituency. This is not a small feat. I do not think that previous governments could do this in 75 years. With ₹141 crores, we have built 85 kilometers of roads. Now with ₹16 crores, we are building 58 more roads which will be ready by December. As your MLA told me, there are 40 unauthorized colonies in the BIjwasan Assembly and work for 33 colonies has been finished. Work is going on in the remaining 7 colonies and by next year, the entire work will be finished.”

“There is some issue in solving the sewage issue and I will talk to the LG for the same. We have to build a Sewage Treatment Plant. It is not possible to treat the sewage without a plant. We have to get land from DDA and we will get it. You need not worry. No matter how much these people fight with us, we do not have to fight. We have to get the work done, even if it requires us to bow down before someone. After building the plant, we will lay down the sewer lines in the remaining part of Bijwasan,” he added.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal stated, “We have installed CCTV cameras in the entire Bijwasan. Delhi has the highest number of CCTV cameras across the world and not just in India. New York, Washington, London, Tokyo, and Paris, our development work is not being compared in the country but the entire world. When we came to power in Delhi, there were no CCTV cameras anywhere, and now every street has cameras.”

The Chief Minister further added, “People get electricity 24×7 and they do not need generators or inverters because there is no power cut, unlike in the past as there were power cuts of 7-8 hours in 2014 before we came to power. People also get free electricity. Only two States in India i.e. Delhi and Punjab get free electricity. This is no less than magic. I roam around the country and people in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Haryana only get electricity bills and not electricity. They get bills of ₹10,000-15,000 even in a 2-room house, even with 7-8 hours of power cuts. I have asked them to bring us to power so that they would also get electricity 24×7 free of cost. Only I have got this boon. We are supplying water but there is some shortage in a few areas. We have prepared a detailed plan to supply water across the entire Delhi. You need not worry about it.”

CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal continued, “We have built a new block in the government schools situated on the main road of Mahipalpur. We have overhauled the quality of education across Delhi. We have built excellent government schools and as a result, 4 lakh students have shifted from private schools to government schools. Students are becoming engineers, doctors, and lawyers. Our country cannot progress unless the children from poor families get a good education. Big talks do not make much difference. We can only become a ‘Vishwaguru’ when the last child gets a quality education. These people claim to eradicate poverty but it is not possible without education. I know several students whose parents are rickshaw wallahs or laborers and they earn barely ₹5,000 per month. They got quality education and became computer engineers. They will now earn ₹3 lakhs per month and bring their families out of poverty. Our country has seen governments of all the parties and they have given lofty speeches and slogans. You cannot eradicate poverty by only giving speeches.”

“Mohalla clinics are a bit far from this area. We have built Mohalla clinics across the entire Delhi. We will build Mohalla clinics in your area. I have instructed Health Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj and your MLA to build 3-4 Mohalla clinics here so that the people need not travel to far areas.” Shri Arvind Kejriwal added.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal further stated, “Till today, unauthorized colonies were not considered a responsibility by any party or leader. Earlier, they used to come here only before the elections to give lengthy speeches. But they did not do anything after getting your votes. There are 1800 unauthorized colonies in Delhi. Before we came to power, only 250 of them had roads. In the past 7 years, I have built roads in 825 colonies. In the next year, we will build roads in the remaining unauthorized colonies. We have built 3500 kilometers of roads in unauthorized colonies so far. Earlier, only 880 unauthorized colonies had a water supply and now, all the colonies have a water supply. We have laid a water pipeline of 2500 kilometers. Earlier only 239 colonies had sewage lines. We have laid 2100 kilometers of sewage lines in 750 colonies.”

He continued, “You might be wondering how we were able to achieve this process in 7 years when the other parties could not do this in 75 years. Where did we get this money? Earlier, when you used to go to the leaders, they used to say that the government was running at a loss. Now your Delhi Government is running in profit despite all the development work. It is because we do not gobble up money. We are honest people. We save every single penny and put them for welfare purposes. Earlier, these leaders used to loot money. Even a councilor would have huge mansions after 5 years in power.”

CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “These people have troubled us a lot. In May this year, the Supreme Court, the highest court of the country, ordered that the elected government of Delhi should have the entire power to run. The central government brought an ordinance within one week to snatch that power. They create obstacles in every work but we do not want to fight with them. I was a common man and I am here to serve people. I will continue to work with whatever power God has given to me. We have appealed to the Supreme Court to restore our powers and I am optimistic that we will win and get our powers back. But in between, your work will not stop.”

CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal stated, “We send all the elderly above the age of 60 years to pilgrimage wherein all the facilities are provided free of cost. All you need is to bring your clothes. A bus takes you to the railway station and drops you back. You will travel in an AC train and bus. It takes you to all the temples and we provide food and accommodation as well. A train went to Rameswaram last week and Dwarka before that. I have sent 75,000 pilgrims this way to 12 cities. You can choose a place of your desire and the elderly can take a youth caretaker with them. You can register yourself on a website. There is a huge queue of devotees.”

Shri Arvind Kejriwal concluded You might have watched Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Jawaan’ where he said that these leaders will come and seek votes based on religion and caste. When they do, ask them what will do for the education of their children and the healthcare of their family. Only the Aam Aadmi Party does that. No other party has done this in 75 years. We are not in politics to seek votes but to build this country. It is my dream that India becomes the no. 1 country in the world in my lifetime.

Present on the occasion, Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj stated, “I have not seen any other political leader who enjoys bigger fan craze than Shri Arvind Kejriwal. Without even any election, people love Shri Arvind Kejriwal so much that they’re here to see him on a working day. Elderly people here extend their blessings towards the Chief Minister for the construction of roads, sewerage, and water pipelines in the unauthorized colonies. There are a few places where work is in progress as of now due to some reasons. When I was young and other parties used to rule Delhi, half of the villages used to get water and later half didn’t. To install 3 water pipelines in the neighbourhood or gully, buses full of people used to go to the home of the MLA and minister. The Minister used to promise the installation of 3 water pipelines, in return for ‘Bhandara'(Community Feast). It was considered a big task those days.”

Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj further added, that in 1994, 5 neighboring states, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh agreed with the Central Government playing its part. Even after 30 years, Delhi is getting the same amount of water, as it was getting in 1994. The population of villages and unauthorized colonies has increased 3-5 times in comparison to 1994. Till 2015 when the AAP formed a government under the visionary leadership of Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the unauthorized colonies had to deal with water shortages. This amounts to nearly 75% of unauthorized colonies, now more than 80% of unauthorized colonies have access to safe drinking water. Sewer lines and road connectivity weren’t there, and now they are being installed in the length and width of the unauthorized colonies. For these developments CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t levied any additional taxes on the common people, he didn’t send any income tax inspector. As older people say, if the intentions of any household are clear then the family progresses. The Chief Minister has pure intentions of serving the people of Delhi, and because of this the Government treasury is never short of funds.”

Key Points

Development works of Bijwasan Constituency’s K-2 Block, Mahipalpur extension’s unauthorized colonies, have been inaugurated. The colony’s development works have been carried out in 2 phases.

An amount of Rs. 8.30 crore has been incurred in the development works of the colony.

Under development works carried out in the colony, approximately 52 lanes and sewerage systems have been installed.

Approx. 4.33 kms long roads, and sewerage were constructed in July 2023, in the area of unauthorized colonies of Mahipalpur Extension, K-2 block.

Approximately 20,000 individuals living in the area will benefit from these developments.

In the Bijwasan constituency from 2016 to 2022, 995 lanes have been constructed by the DSIIDC incurring a cost of Rs.141 crores, in which 85 kms long roads and sewerage have been constructed.

At the cost of Rs.16 crore, 58 new lanes are under development in Bijwasan constituency which includes 8 kms long roads and sewerage. The work will be finished by Dec. 2023.

Bijwasan constituency has been provided with an additional fund of Rs.8 crore by the Delhi Government, which will help the constituency in finishing the remaining developmental works in 2023-24.

Bijwasan constituency has a total of 40 unauthorized colonies, all the development works have been completed in 33, about to finish in 3, and the development works will be carried out this year in the remaining 3 unauthorized colonies.

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