Security at Delhi’s Jails is set to get tightened after CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s approval for high-end tech reforms in prisons, on Wednesday. The Kejriwal Government will implement the best technology available in the world to completely ban mobile operation in Delhi jails. Delhi Government approves the formation of a committee to study technology and move forward towards its use. Professors from IIT Madras & IISc Bangalore, Scientists from DRDO, experts from C-DAT, officers from IB & SPG to be members of the committee under the chairmanship of DG Prisons. This committee will recommend the Delhi Government the technology to implement a complete jammer system in jails.

A proposal was received from the Prisons Department for the constitution of a high level technical committee to strengthen the jammer system in Delhi jails. The proposal said that a high level technical committee may be constituted under the chairmanship of DG (Prisons) to find and test jamming solutions. Through this committee, it will be ascertained how effective the new technology is in blocking incoming/outgoing calls, SMS and data services in the jail premises.

Upon studying the proposal, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal approved the formation of the committee on Wednesday. This committee will study the technology to block mobile signals including the 5G network and suggest solutions. The DG Jail will be the chairman of this ten-member committee. Apart from this, IISc Bangalore’s Prof A Chockalingam, IIT Madras’ Prof. Devendra Jalihal, DRDO Scientist Manish Kumar, C-DAT’s Sukhpal Singh, Bluemax Stephen, Devdas B, Sandeep Agarwal, as well as IB Joint Deputy Director AKP Pandya, SPG SSO Santosh Kumar are part of the committee.

These will be the main tasks of the committee

  1. To study the existing mobile network and determine the technology to prevent unauthorised mobile communication inside prisons
  2. Recommend solutions to restrict mobile network in prisons based on technical study
  3. Finding Solutions for blocking 5G Mobile Networks
  4. To propose technical guidelines for the installation of BTS towers around the jail
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