Taking immediate notice of the poor condition of roads in Mandawali, PWD Minister Atishi pulled up the Principal Secretary of the PWD and directed him to get the roads fixed promptly by making a timeline. She has also instructed swift and strict action against the responsible officers for the road’s deplorable condition.

PWD Minister stated that the deplorable condition of roads in the Mandawali area is completely unacceptable. Providing better roads in the capital and maintaining them appropriately is the responsibility of the PWD. In this regard, any laxity in the upkeep of roads will not be tolerated.

While instructing the Principal Secretary of the PWD, she mentioned that an immediate plan with a timeline should be prepared to improve the condition of roads in the Mandawali area. Within 48 hours, the timeline should be submitted to him. Additionally, he directed that strict action be taken against the responsible officer for the poor road conditions in this area, ensuring it serves as an example for those who might be negligent in the future.

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