Senior Aam Aamdi Party leader and chief spokesperson Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj on Saturday said that the BJP leaders are the greatest anti-nationals and cases of sedition must be filed against them and NIA should probe their leaders. He said that yesterday BJP goons attacked the farmers at Singhu and Tikri borders; they were not local residents. Shri Bhardwaj further said that BJP deliberately shut down the internet at the borders to hide the truth of their assault on the protesting farmers. He said that the police and BJP together scripted the violence of 26th January and the days after. He also said that from the day BJP government was formed they have maligned every peaceful protest by calling the protesters anti-nationals.

Shri Bhardwaj said, “From the time the BJP government came to power in the Centre there have been several protests by students, Dalits, businessmen, lawyers and now farmer protest is going on. The BJP government plays the same script against all these protests. Whenever somebody protests against the BJP the party calls them as anti-nationals. The BJP claims that these protesters have the intention to break India. Sedition cases are being filed against the protesters. But the question arises that after 75 years of independence how can every protester become anti-national today under the BJP regime? “

He said, “From the day this government of the Bharatiya Janata Party was formed every third person has become an anti-national or part of Tukde Tukde gang or Maoist or Naxal or an urban Naxal. From the day the farmer protest began the BJP was trying to set a narrative that these protesters are Khalistanis or terrorists or people to break India. The BJP was claiming that these protesters were members of Aam Aadmi Party or the Congress party but they never accepted that these protesters are farmers. Whenever we have confronted the BJP leaders on why they are claiming that these lakhs of protesters are Khalistanis the BJP leaders have tried to divert from the topic.”

Shri Bhardwaj said, “Then the event of 26th January happened. The BJP was trying to write a script by which they could show that these lakhs of farmers who have come from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and other states are terrorists. In the borders the farmers are sitting behind a huge barricade where they have their camps, stage to address the crowd and they have been in this way for the last two months. Just before 26th January, the BJP set up new camps outside the barricade. The police allowed these people to set up their camps and those camps were run by BJP agent Deep Sidhu. We have videos where BJP MP Shri Sunny Deol has claimed that Shri Sidhu is like his own brother.”

He said, “We have also seen pictures of Shri Deep Sidhu with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Home Minister Shri Amit Shah. The Delhi BJP on social media had proudly shared those pictures. On 26th January the BJP agent Shri Deep Sidhu was allowed by the Delhi police to start his march to enter Delhi much before the farmers. On the instructions of the BJP, the Delhi police allowed this person to reach and vandalise the Red Fort. The BJP and the Delhi police also allowed this person to hoist a flag of Nishan Sahib at the Red Fort and to create a ruckus.”

Shri Bhardwaj said, “ The BJP immediately started to push the agenda that the farmers are Khalistanis and they have maligned the image of India. Across the social media and mainstream media, the BJP pushed this narrative. On the other side, the BJP brought down the network at the border. The farmers had no way to communicate the truth to the people because the BJP deliberately cut the Internet connection. BJP knew that people can share the truth behind the unfortunate events of 26th January through social media, therefore, they brought down the internet. This was a deliberate attempt to hide the truth by the BJP.”

He said, “ To push their divisive agenda the BJP set up this script. Immediately after the event if you see the chronology you will understand how the events unfolded. Suddenly some people arrive and talk about some Panchayat where a decision was taken to push these protestors out of the borders. I am from Delhi but I have not to herd about any such panchayat by the local people who want the farmers to leave the borders. Yesterday these so-called local people reached the Singhu and Tirkri border and assault the farmers. The police have barricaded these borders and despite that how can these people reach the protest venue?”

Shri Bhardwaj said, “ More than 2500 Delhi police officials and Central police force were present at the venue. By the instruction of the BJP, these police officials allowed the BJP goons to enter the protest site and assault the farmers. The police are not allowing water tankers to reach the protest venue but they have allowed the BJP goons. In a very planned manner, the BJP goons kept stones in two trucks near the venue which they used. In front of the police and with the help of the police these around 300 BJP goons assaulted the farmers in a very planned manner. These goons pelted stones beat them up and abused mercilessly.”

He said, “At Ghazipur border the same thing has happened. At the Ghazipur border, son of Shri Baba Tikait — Shri Rakesh Tikait is protesting. His father was a firebrand farmer leader. The BJP goons harassed Shri Tikait so much that he broke down in front of the media. Today I will prove this shameful narrative of the BJP. I will show how the BJP planned the unfortunate event of the 26th January and also the assault on the farmers. The BJP is trying to burn and divide the entire country. I believe that the BJP leaders are the greatest anti-nationals and cases of sedition must be filed against them. I also think that the NIA should probe the BJP leaders.

Through videos and photos, Shri Bhardwaj showed how in the name of local people, the BJP supporters assaulted the farmers and threatened them. He said, “To hide these truths the BJP deliberately shut down the internet of the area. These photos and videos prove that all the people who assaulted the farmers yesterday were BJP goons and not local people. The BJP knows that they can reach out to 80 crores people through their propaganda machinery but it is our combined duty to expose their false propaganda.”

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