Following the transformative effects of Mega PTMs on the quality of education in Kejriwal Government Schools, now MCD schools too will host Mega PTMs in the coming time. A Mega PTM will be organised for students from classes 3 to 8 in MCD and Delhi government schools on April 30. Education Minister Ms. Atishi and Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi announced the plan during a press conference on Monday. The Education Minister urged all parents to participate in the Mega PTM and provide suggestions for their children’s education as well as for the improvement of schools.

While addressing the press conference, Education Minister Ms. Atishi said, “Education has always been the priority of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi Government. In view of the same, in the past few years, the government raised the budget for education, improved school infrastructure, and focused exclusively on providing a conducive learning environment to children in government schools. But apart from all this, we also worked to connect parents, important stakeholders of the education system, with the schools. Due to this, very positive changes were seen not only in the education system but also in the learning levels of the children. Now we are going to start this process of change in MCD schools as well through Mega PTMs.”

Ms. Atishi added that Delhi government schools under the Directorate of Education (DoE) and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will hold Mega PTMs together for the first time. Parents have always been important stakeholders in the process of education. “From Day 1 itself, the Kejriwal Government believes that if we want to provide quality education to all children, then we will have to make the parents participate in this process,” she said.

The Education Minister said, “Before the Kejriwal Government came into power, it was thought that Parent-Teacher Meetings happen only in private schools and for those parents who are educated. But ever since the PTMs started in Delhi government schools, parents have been part of this process of education. This has also paved the way for positive development among children and their learning abilities.”

Making an appeal to the parents, Education Minister Ms. Atishi said that parents of both Delhi government schools and MCD should join Mega PTMs on April 30 in their respective schools. The government is holding Mega PTMs on Sunday, a non-working day, so that both the mother and father of the child can join the PTM together and participate in their child’s learning process.

The Mega PTM being hosted on April 30 is related to Mission Buniyaad, in which the focus will be laid on strengthening the foundational learning and skills of children.

Also present during the press conference, Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi said, “Education is the biggest means to change society and the country. In the education process, teachers, children, and parents are the three main stakeholders, and parental involvement in their children’s education is extremely important. Therefore, along with Delhi government schools, MCD schools will also host Mega PTMs this time.”

She added that according to the report of NCERT, parental involvement in Delhi government schools increased by 97% since the introduction of Mega PTMs. Based on that report, the MCD has decided to organise a joint Mega PTM in MCD and Delhi government schools on April 30. Through this Mega PTM, parental involvement in children’s education in schools will increase, and the gap between parents and teachers in MCD schools will decrease. Teachers and parents will be able to give feedback on their children’s progress, and schools will be able to inform parents about the strategies planned for their children in the future.

Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi further said, “The upcoming joint Mega PTM in MCD schools and Delhi government schools on April 30 will prove to be a revolutionary step. The increased participation of parents in schools will bring a big change in MCD schools. Through the Mega PTM, our teachers will be able to share with parents how they can create a conducive environment for their children to study at home after school. Through PTM, parents can also give their suggestions on the subject of school improvement.” She appealed to all parents to participate in this Mega PTM on April 30 and help MCD schools build a bright future for their children.

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