The Minister of Food and Civil Supply and MLA of Ballimaran, Shri Imran Hussain, along with the Area Councillor, Shri M. Sadiq, inspected the site of the Heritage Museum at Kutub Road in Ballimaran today. Shri Imran Hussain issued instructions to the concerned officers and agencies, directing them to expedite the restoration work of the Heritage Museum.

Shri Hussain stated that the Kejriwal government was actively engaged in the preservation of numerous historical structures across the national capital. Among these notable landmarks is the Walled City Museum located on Qutub Road, which is now being transformed into the Cultural Heritage Museum. This museum will strive to depict the memories of 350 years of the history of the walled city.

Shri Hussain added, “Historical buildings across the walled city in Delhi symbolise the country’s evolution over time. The Delhi government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, has prioritised the restoration of these masterpieces of history to help future generations understand the country better.”

Shri Hussain continued, “The Heritage Museum will help people become more informed about their heritage and culture. It is also dedicated to the trades and communities of old Delhi, as the museum has a rich collection of images and sounds that add to the memories of yesteryears. It will help reinforce the local identity and pride in Shahjahanabad and its traditions while providing a platform for interaction within the local community. The Heritage Museum will include putting on display artefacts and rare photographs, as well as jharokhas of Shahjahanabad.”

Shri Imran Hussain also stated that heritage sites and historical Darwazas in the area would be revived and restored, preserving their original features with red sandstone. The conservation of heritage structures will involve restoring them with the original materials and construction techniques, as well as implementing structural retrofitting and restoration techniques.

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