In response to the case involving former Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chairperson Swati Maliwal, Bibhav Kumar emailed Delhi Police on Saturday morning, assuring full cooperation with the investigation. Bibhav Kumar sent the email to the SHO of Civil Lines Police Station and the DCP of North Delhi, stating he learned from media reports that an FIR had been registered against him. He expressed readiness to cooperate with the investigation, despite not receiving any official notice. Additionally, Bibhav Kumar mentioned that he had previously filed a complaint with the police regarding the May 13 incident and urged them to investigate his complaint impartially.

Bibhav Kumar has written in the email sent to the in-charge of Civil Lines Police Station and the DCP of North Delhi on Saturday morning that It has come to my knowledge through the media that a case has been registered at P.S. Civil Lines in which I have been named as an accused. Though I have not been served with any notice in the case till now, I categorically submit that I’m willing to cooperate and join the investigation as and when called upon to do so by the Investigating officer.

The email by Bibhav Kumar further reads that it may be emphasized here that I have also made a complaint bringing to light the true facts of the alleged incident that happened on 13.05.2024 vide e-mail dated 17.05.2024 at 3:34 p.m. sent on official e-mail IDs of SHO, Civil Lines and DCP North Delhi ([email protected] and [email protected]). It is requested that the same may be brought on record and investigated in accordance with law. Any service of notice/communication in regard to the case be made at the given communication details.

Earlier on 17.05.2024 Bibhav Kumar lodged an official complaint with SHO Civil Lines bringing true facts to the incident. His complaints reads, “This is to bring to your kind notice that in the morning of 13.05.2024 Ms. Swati Maliwal (D/o Ms. Sangita Maliwal R/o Flat B3, Tower A2, MP Flat Tower, Type 7 CPWD Flats DDU Marg, New Delhi) forcefully and unauthorizedly entered the Chief Minister’s residence at 6 Flagstaff Road. Not only did she breach the security of CM Residence, create a ruckus and assault the complainant; she is now trying to falsely implicate the undersigned complainant so as to create undue pressure on him.”

Since the false statements and malafide actions of Ms. Swati Maliwal are creating an incorrect narrative regarding what transpired on 13.05.2024, the true and correct facts are detailed below:

  1. On 13.05.2024 at around 8:40am, Ms. Swati Maliwal came to the Chief Minister’s residence at 6, Flagstaff Road, Civil Lines, New Delhi and sought permission to enter. The security officer present at the main entry of the CM Residence at the time, inquired about her identity, to which Ms. Swati Maliwal identified herself as a Rajya Sabha MP. She then told the security officers to clear her path and allow her to enter as she had an appointment with the Chief Minister. The said security officer requested her to wait till he got the details of her appointment verified. Upon verification the said security officer informed her that there was no such appointment on record and therefore he could not allow her to enter. She then forcefully entered the CM Residence despite the objections of the CM office staff. So not only did she make false claims of having an appointment so as to gain entry into the CM Residence, she forcefully and illegally trespassed into the premises despite the repeated objections of the security and CM office staff.
  2. Since Ms. Maliwal had by now gained unauthorised entry into the premises of the CM Residence, the CM office staff asked her to wait in the waiting area. The said waiting room is situated in the premises of the CM Residence campus, but not in the main building where the CM actually resides.
  3. Upon being asked to wait outside the main building of the CM Residence, she started shouting at and abusing the CM office staff. She told them to leave the waiting area and check with the Chief Minister about her appointment.
  4. At around 9:00am, despite strong objections of the CM office staff, she stormed out of the waiting area and entered the main building of CM Residence, where the CM resides.
  5. The said actions of Ms. Maliwal were brought to the notice of the undersigned complainant, who till this time was not present at the CM Residence premises. The undersigned complainant reached the CM Residence at around 9:20am and enquired about the entry of Ms. Maliwal. The complainant was informed that she had no appointment and had made an unauthorised entry into the premises of the CM Residence, despite the objections of the CM office staff.
  6. At around 9:22am, the complainant entered the main building of the CM Residence and found Ms. Maliwal sitting in the Drawing room. The complainant approached Ms. Maliwal and politely requested her to follow the proper procedure for meeting the Hon’ble CM. As soon the Complainant stated the above, Ms. Maliwal started screaming and shouting at the Complainant, and hurled abuses and said: “tumhari himmat kaise hui…ek MP ko rokne ki….tumhari aukat kya hai?”
  7. The complainant did not react to her abuses and politely kept requesting Ms. Maliwal to leave the CM Residence, as she did not have an appointment. She was also requested to take an appointment with the Hon’ble CM via proper procedure and come at the specified time for the same. However, Ms. Maliwal continued to ignore the repeated requests of the undersigned and threatened him of dire consequences if he did not let her meet the CM.
  8. The Complainant respectfully and repeatedly requested Ms. Maliwal not to take the law into her hands and to refrain from threatening the Complainant and other staff members.
  9. Ms. Maliwal ignored the aforementioned requests and started walking from the Drawing Room towards the inner parts of the residence. The complainant apprehended that her motives were suspect and she intended to harm the Hon’ble CM. So the complainant strongly objected to her trying to gain forceful entry into the inner parts of the residence and stood in front of her to prevent the same. This infuriated Ms. Maliwal then angrily sat on the sofa and dialled the PCR, and started making blatantly false allegations regarding the complainant.
  10. The complainant once again requested Ms. Maliwal to leave the CM Residence, whereupon she rushed towards the complainant with the intent to physically assault. She also hurled abuses upon the complainant, the contents of which are reproduced as under: “Main tujhe dekh lungi……**…main tujhe aese joothe case mei fasaungi ki tujhe zindagi bhar jail mei sadah dungi ….”
  11. At this juncture, around 9:24am, the complainant called the security officers inside the main building of the CM Residence. At 9:25am, security officers rushed inside and made numerous requests to Ms. Maliwal for leaving the CM residence as she had made an unauthorized and illegal entry into the same. Ms. Maliwal once again threatened the complainant and the staff members of dire consequences. She finally left the premises of the CM Residence around 9:35am.

The above is a true sequence of the events that transpired at the CM Residence on the morning of 13.05.2024. Ms. Maliwal threatened the security staff who asked her to follow the appointment and entry protocol, forcefully made an unauthorized and illegal entry into the premises of the CM Residence, and thereby breached the security of the CM Residence. When the complainant asked Ms. Maliwal to leave the CM Residence, not only was he was abused and assaulted by her, but she also threatened to implicate him in false cases. Since Ms. Maliwal has made unauthorized entry, trespassed, breached the security of the CM Residence, prevented government officers from discharging their duty and assaulted the complainant, she is liable for her action as per law.

“You are requested to take appropriate legal action against Ms. Maliwal. Since it is election time, all of this may have been done at the behest of the BJP and it is therefore requested that her call records, chats and interactions with BJP leaders should also be investigated,” the complaint stated.

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