The Centre’s ordinance reeks of malice. This is a case of fraud, cheating, and deceit does not suit the Central Government. The Centre has not only cheated with the Delhi Government & people of Delhi but also with the Supreme Court’s constitution bench and the Constitution of India.

The people of Delhi elected CM Arvind Kejriwal to power thrice with a landslide mandate. But the Centre in its lust for power is disrespecting such a huge mandate to puppeteer the bureaucracy of Delhi. Centre has snatched away the elected CM’s powers and placed them in the hands of the selected LG. This ordinance is an attempt to not only unjustifiably empower the LG to do transfer posting against the will of the government but also impede upon the ongoing works of the government.

This kind of fraud & deceit has never taken place ever in the history of the country, our citizens don’t deserve to be undermined like this.

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