Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia was summoned by the CBI on Sunday for questioning in connection with the excise policy case. Shri Manish Sisodia informed the CBI that the process of preparing the budget for the financial year 2023-24 is in its final stages. The Finance Minister’s role in preparing the budget is extremely crucial and indispensable. He has thus urged the CBI to postpone his questioning to a day towards the end of February.

As Delhi’s Finance Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia requested the CBI to hold off the questioning temporarily and said, “I am busy finalising the upcoming budget of Delhi and during these final stages of the budget’s preparation, each and every day at work is extremely vital. I am working 24×7 to finalise Delhi’s budget by the end of February and send it to the Central Government for approval.”

He said that during the last week of February, every single day is essential for the budget’s preparation as this process reaches its final stages during this time. “I have informed the CBI that the work pertaining to the budget will be completed by the end of February. After this, I would be at the CBI’s disposal to answer whatever questions they have regarding the excise policy on whichever date they finalise for questioning, and would be available to offer as many clarifications as are required by them,” he added

Prior to this, the Deputy Chief Minister’s residence was raided by the CBI in August 2022, in an exercise that went on for almost a whole day. Some weeks after the raid, the CBI even searched his personal bank locker terming it as a critical key in the case. Later in October, he was questioned by the CBI at their headquarters for nine hours. Over the last few months, the agency has also probed Shri Sisodia’s village and office on multiple occasions. The agency, however, has found nothing against him so far.

Reiterating that he has always cooperated in the CBI’s investigation and will continue to do so, he said, “but at this particular time, each and every day is of utmost importance for Delhi’s budget and if any issues arise, it will cause problems and lead to delays in the finalisation of the budget.”

“I hope the CBI officials understand how crucial Delhi’s budget is for the national capital and as the Finance Minister how important my work and presence here is when the budget is being finalised,” he concluded.

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