Education Minister Ms. Atishi and MCD Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi held a review meeting to assess the issues being faced by MCD schools. The review meeting with the department officials uncovered the challenges that MCD schools are grappling with, and how they have been neglected for the past 15 years by the BJP. In this regard, the Education Minister pointed out that the daily review meetings with MCD are revealing the failures of the BJP’s 15 years of poor administration in the education sector. The current state of MCD schools highlights the BJP’s indifference towards education. The review meetings have brought to light the failures of BJP in improving the conditions of MCD schools. While addressing the issues, Ms. Atishi said that the Kejriwal government will work towards transforming all the MCD schools as promised and ensure quality education to every child.

Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi added that education has never been a priority for BJP, as evidenced by the state of MCD schools. Nevertheless, the new government is committed to addressing these shortcomings and enhancing these schools’ standards.

The Education Minister said that in its 15 years of tenure in MCD, BJP has not done any work in the field of education. The sad state of MCD’s hundreds of schools today is a clear reflection of this. The school buildings are dilapidated, the floors are broken, the classrooms are like junkyards, there are spider webs on the walls, many schools have leaking roofs during the rainy season, and some don’t even have proper roofs. The schools lack desks, drinking water, and the toilets are in bad condition. The education department staff of MCD is struggling with a severe shortage. There is a shortage of teachers in the schools, as well as sanitation workers and security guards. In the past 15 years, BJP has not been able to provide even basic facilities at MCD schools.

Ms. Atishi added that the future of more than 9 lakh students studying in MCD schools was put at stake by the BJP during their tenure at MCD. “But now, people in Delhi have shown trust in us and we promise that we will make MCD schools world-class. We will equip every school with basic facilities as well as provide all the necessary facilities to the teachers which will prove to be helpful in their professional development,” she said.

While giving assurance to the officials, she said that MCD schools too will become world-class. The government will ensure all the basic facilities for students and teachers will ensure that no child lags behind in receiving quality education or fall behind the minimum benchmark.

Present during the meeting, Dr. Shelly Oberoi said, “Education was never a priority for BJP, as reflected in the poor state of MCD schools. Parents trusted BJP, but they betrayed that trust. We will work to reinstate parents’ trust in the public education system and MCD schools. World-class education will be ensured to every child studying in them.”

Deputy Mayor Shri Aaley Mohammad Iqbal said, “The people of Delhi have shown their trust in us to provide better education to their children, and we will fulfil our promise to them. We will work with officials to address problems on the ground and ensure quality education for every child in MCD schools, following the vision set by Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal.”

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