Aam Aadmi Party on Monday observed that at one side the BJP claims that they don’t have money to pay the salaries of their employees but on the other side their corruption is increasing every day; citizens of Delhi are fed up with BJP. The party also noted that the citizens of Delhi have realised that BJP has bankrupted MCDs; more number of people are joining AAP Mohalla Sabhas and depicting how BJP councillors harass them at every step. The Aam Aadmi Party organized 42 Mohalla Sabhas in 26 different assemblies today under the campaign to expose the corruption of the BJP-ruled MCD in front of the public. About 4,500 people including AAP MLAs, MCD councilors, members and volunteers, and residents attended these Mohalla Sabhas.

The Aam Aadmi Party stated, “The campaign launched by the party in the interest of the people has been successful so far. There has been a huge crowd of people who are troubled by BJP’s corruption at Mohalla Sabhas organized by the party. Today, more than 4,500 people participated in the Mohalla Sabhas held at about 42 locations in 26 assembly constituencies.”

As of now, all the Mohalla Sabhas that have been organized by Aam Aadmi Party have witnessed the anger of the people towards the BJP. All the people who have participated in the Mohalla Sabhas fully understand and believe that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, ruled by the BJP, is steeped in corruption from the bottom to the top. In any department under the MCD, no work can be done without giving bribes. But the BJP-ruled MCD is exploiting the employees by taking work from them, but they cry for empty pockets in the name of paying salaries. This is sheer injustice. There is the voice of the people who have been perturbed by the BJP’s injustice and hollow promises that it has now become very important to uproot the BJP from power from the MCD. Establishing an honest party in the MCD has become the need of the day. Unless there is an honest government in the MCD, it is impossible to eliminate corruption. People have openly talked about forming the government of AAP government in the MCD.

The growing crowd of people at the Mohalla Sabhas has proved that people have been perturbed by the corruption of the BJP government. Everybody says that it is high time that the BJP hands over the power of the MCD to an honest party so that the corruption can be ended from the MCDs. People want the Aam Aadmi Party to form a government in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

Aam Aadmi Party had launched the campaign to show the people of Delhi the real corrupt face of the Bhartiya Janata Party, which has been successful so far. It is the party’s effort to reach out to every person in Delhi and reach out to every household in Delhi to expose the scams being carried out by the BJP in the MCD. The people of Delhi and the country need to be shown the real face of the BJP that is masked until now. Delhi residents need to be saved from the BJP-ruled MCD’s corruption.

Significantly, that AAP’s campaign to expose the MCD had commenced from 7th January 2021 to sensitize the public and today was the 18th day. Through Mohalla Sabhas in several areas across Delhi, AAP aims to discuss the corruption of the BJP-ruled MCD and gives the people a chance to express their views and sorrows. These Mohalla Sabhas are organized by AAP MLAs, MCD councilors, AAP members, and volunteers. The local people are invited to visit the Mohalla Sabhas and the corruption in the BJP-ruled municipal corporation is discussed with the public. In the same series, AAP today held about 42 Mohalla Sabhas in 26 assembly constituencies in Delhi, in which the people of Delhi participated in the move.

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OT Editor